Friday, November 27, 2015

Patience in Prayer (2)

When it comes to prayer, it seems to me that many times there is a process of sorts God runs your request(s) through. I say this because receiving your heavenly grants regularly means (and you have to be ready for this) incremental steps and bit-by-bit revelation.

Just look at Nature and you can see this is how God operates nearly everything. So with your petitions, more often than not, the Lord won't impersonally or carelessly hand you a quicky-type answer. He may want you to know how things work, to see the bigger picture, or simply to gain an appreciation for what you are getting.

Prayer is not a food-court bite to eat; it's having and growing your own sustainable, good-for-the-soul garden. Prayer is not a text message; it's an eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart encounter. Prayer is not a job at McDonald's; it's a golden-oportunity career

You get the point.

Settle into prayer ready to discuss interactively with God's Spirit the details of what is on your heart or what Kingdom aspect God has been prodding you to seek. Have patience!

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