Saturday, December 5, 2015

Testing Your Prayers

As I wrote earlier, we need patience in prayer because God's answers often require time. However, there are situations (such as if your prayers seem long overdue) when it is a good idea to double check the integrity of what your have been seeking. Here are a few questions worth considering.

• Does my request line up with Bible principles?

• Does it line up with my assignment, with what God has told me to do?

• Is my request premature? Am I getting ahead of God's time table?

• Am I allowing God to grant my prayer in His perfect way or am I setting hard, fast, and self-determined stipulations?

• Am I ignoring the "still small voice" of the Holy Spirit? Has God already given me an answer that I haven't wanted to accept?

• Have I neglected to carry out previous instructions or contingencies from the Lord?

God is never opposed to us verifying what is true and good, prayers included.

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