Saturday, December 5, 2015

Waiting on the Lord

Don't get me wrong! By patience, I have not in the past several posts meant to communicate non-prayer, that is, resorting to prayerlessness in the name of being accomodating to God's timetable. There is always prayer motions to be had, even in this next aspect of prayer: waiting on the Lord.

There are times when the most appropriate thing to do in prayer is literally to get quiet. For me, this has been one of the hardest disciplines, and I still don't think I am an expert. However, I have learned that the goal of this frequent (but not necessarily systematic) exercise is settling your spirit.

You have to learn how to shut down your many internal questions: the what's, the why's, the how's, and maybe most important the when's. Learn how to be at rest while His is working to answer you in His most excellent way. Remind yourself that He is in control, and savor that truth.

You might have to write down things you can't stop thinking about (like appointments you just remembered or ideas that come to your mind); but as the Lord leads you into these non-verbal, waiting seasons of prayer, do whatever it takes to open your spirit and heart because at the end Jesus bestows invaluable rewards.

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