Monday, December 7, 2015

You Worry Too Much

Yes, we need to bring all our worries,  all our cares to Christ; and it is true that we need to be honest and transparent about our fears and doubts. But I have found that the Lord is pretty quick at bringing us the comfort and assurance necessary to getting us on track with where He is coming from, which means we need to respond to His holy optimism with a cooperative spirit.

In short, staying in negative mode, simply because our adverse or troublesome situations are still before us, is wrong; and in this regard we need to "die to ourselves."

We need to cut off, kick out, refuse with unrepentant determination all the fears, anxieties, and mental meddling that is so comfortable and familiar to you and me. This is what is meant by dying to self, and it is requiem for effectiveness. The greater realms of prayer are entered when we bypass the ruckus of earhly brainstorming and seek for the energy-giving momentum and the guaranteed pathways of Heaven.

It's all about trust when you don't feel settled and optimism when you can't see the destination. God's Word and Jesus' hand are all we need. We can freely move forward with those!

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