Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

You and I, regardless of our spiritual heritage and experience, will never be able to claim the attributes of invulnerability or unsusceptibleness. Alas, divergence, deception, and just plain foolishness are where we inevitably find ourselves at some point (if not often) in life--and that leads to another somewhat forgotten facet of prayer.

Whether it is in the "Lord's Prayer," the Psalms, or some other scripural reference, we Christians are instructed to ask God to keep us from sin, failure, and temptation itself.

As much as there is some truth in it, the you-can-do-it approach to life can only take you so far, and certainly, it can never fully guarantee that results so desired will be realized. Only Christ Jesuz can clinch victory and achievement every time. He is the one and only Undefeated Champion of Life.

We who follow the Master have laid down our claims of being powerful and right, cunning and self-established. We know better! We know our hit-and-miss background, that we've had far more misses than hits. And we know that there is high wisdom and consummate truth in cofessing God's greatness and our smallness by asking for basic, regular help.

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