Monday, March 28, 2016

What Trials Teach Us About Prayer

I personally believe that one reason God allows us to experience troubles, trials, and tribulations is because He wants to show us what prayer ought to be: firey, determined, and filled with heart-felt oaths and praise.

You see, left to ourselves, we butcher prayer. We have (at least, to God) strange ideas about reference, worship, and holy things; and we have interpretations about communicating with God that leave us acting artificial and robotic. Difficulties strip away our nonsense and cause us to cry out to our Creator with sincerity, humility, and appropriate desperation.

So learn from your times of trials and pressure. Get zealous in prayer when everything is, nevertheless, going fine. You will find that mode much more effective.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

He Leads Us to the Solutions

The Lord has recently been showing me that spending too much time praying out of worry is like having a hole in your watering can: when you go to apply soaking faith, you have little to none left, so nothing comes of your requests.

The secret to stong faith is focusing on Jesus, the problem-solver, instead of on the problem itself. Seeking the will of God, then, is essential to mountain-moving prayers. It's Christ's plan that will work, not yours.

Put it this way: when we try to figure out the solution, the result is worry. But when we leave the path-finding up to Jesus, the result is simply following Him to relief, resolve, and breakthrough.

Down with futile imagination,
Up with fruitful trust!