Monday, April 18, 2016

The Technology of Faith

It is interesting to note that personal fear and God-birthed faith often address the same issues. For example, both have ways of dealing with a financial need, a health problem, or some other concerning predicament in your life. The question is, which will you use: fear or faith?

Think of fear and faith as two separate approaches or, better yet, two different kinds of technology. One involves ignoring or fighting God's dynamic and effective program (His will) while the other means simply plugging into it. One is going to waste time, cause stress and confusion, and ultimately be inadequate, while the other is going to have superior focus, operate more easily, and get the job done right.

The technology of fear operates with no guaranteed way to see the outcome or future of your troubles. You are left, then, to guess the solution. Faith sees the outcome and the future by what God has knowingly spoken and reacts accordingly.

Fear involves the exercise of hyper-control, or rather the attempt thereof (because the truth is, we can never competently think through our problems let alone control them). Faith gives over our futile control to God and simply cooperates with what He has already set up to prevail and prosper.

When it comes to prayer, we are successful only when we use the technology of faith. This means we remember what God has promised and predicted (personally as well as in His written Word) and then make our requests and seek the answer from that calculated perspective.

Fear fails but faith works!